Неофициальный сборник саундтреков

(The Complete LotRO Soundtrack Collection)

Elven Limmidh
Ered Luin Ambient
Exploring the Shire
Fanfare of Pelennor
The Free Peoples of Middle-Earth
The Grey Havens
Leaves of Gold
Love of a Maiden Fair and Pure
Midievil Dance of the Dwarves
Moria Score Highlights
Rise and Fall of Sauron
Song of the Dwarves
Triumphant Theme of the Dwarves

All Other Lights
Arvedui's Lament
Baruk Khazad
Before the Storm
The Creeping Gloom
The Crownless
Dark the Days
Deep They Delved Us
Down Down to Goblin-town
The DA?nedain
Elder Days
Fire and Blood
The Flammifer of Westernesse
Forsaken Paths
A Glimmer in the North
Guardians of the Wild
Happy Village
The Ice Bay
Journeys Long
Khazad DA»m
Land of the Lossoth
The Last King
Let Us Sing Together
The Long Winter
Men of the West
Over Fen and Field
The Pelennor
The Road to War
Shadows on the Snow
Skies of Grey
The Sleepless Cold
Stars and Glory
Those Who Wander
Vaults of Stone
War Pipes
Where Will Wants Not

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