Властелин колец онлайн : Копи Мории - официальные саундтреки игры

(The Lord Of The Rings Online Mines of Moria - Official Game Soundtrack)

01. The Hollin Gate
02. A Jouney in the Dark
03. Drums in the Deep
04. Khazad-dum
05. In the Darkness Bind Them
06. Mines of Mithril
07. The Golden Wood
08. Archers of the Galadhrim
09. They Are Coming...
10. Durin's Day
11. The Falls of Nimrodel
12. Runes of Fire
13. We Cannot Get Out
14. The Black Pit
15. Flame of Udun
16. The Shadow Lies Upon His Tomb
17. Hour of Doom

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